Kimironko2By Dominique Savio Habyarima, SJ
Saint Ignatius High School, Rwanda

The Jesuit Community of Saint Ignatius marked the resurrection of the Lord in communion with the people in the neighbourhood of Kimironko area. The preparations to the solemn celebration began on Holy Thursday. For three days, the community of the Faithful in Kimironko prayed together, journeyed together, and walked together in true fellowship.

At the liturgy of the Easter Vigil, in that long night also known as the “the mother of all nights”, we were graced by the presence of the Regional Superior, Rev. Fr. Jean Baptiste Ganza, SJ who also presided over the celebrations of our Lord’s resurrection.

Paris Veneration de la CroixBy Moïse Bahuwimbuye, SJ
Centre Sevres, France

Good Friday is a special day in the liturgical year. It is the only day in the year that has no eucharistic celebration in the Catholic Church; and it is a day on which we contemplate the climax of God’s love, where the Son of God is crucified because of His love for humanity. In Paris, many Christians gather to celebrate the passion of our Lord and Eglise Saint Ignace (Saint Ignatius Church) is not different. This year, a way of the cross was held twice at 12h15 and at 15 hours, followed by the celebration of the Passion of the Lord at 20 hours.

Arrupe College1By Hubert Niyonkuru, SJ
Arrupe College, Zimbabwe

During Lent at Arrupe College, there were held different activities that helped us refresh ourselves in the commitment we have made to follow and serve the Lord. We meditated on repentance, renewal and conversion. And then there came the Holy Week, which was a time of intense spiritual nourishment.

We began the Triduum with the Mass of the Lord’s Supper, during which the Celebrant invited us to appropriate unto ourselves the ritual of the washing of the feet by letting Christ come into our lives to cleanse us and make of our bodies his holy temple. The mass was followed by Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament as we accompanied Jesus Christ to the garden of Gethsemane.

BujumburaBy Fr. Félix Barutwanayo, SJ
Lycée du Saint Esprit, Burundi

As we journeyed towards the close of the Lenten season of 2017, the general ambiance was deeply moving, sober and prayerful. The celebrations of Easter Triduum began on Thursday with the mass for the washing of the feet and the institution of the Eucharist. Twelve children, boys and girls, most of whom are mass servers, were washed their feet in remembrance of Jesus’ gesture of deep love and humility towards his disciples and towards us today. All the members of the Jesuit community in Bujumbura joined the Christians and friends of Jesuits to celebrate Jesus’ institution of the Eucharist and Priesthood.

the empty tomb and resurrection of jesus christ by myjavier007 d7dd7nfPar Claude Nduwimana, nsj
Noviciat Notre Dame de la Route

A l’instar de toute l’Eglise Catholique, le Noviciat Notre Dame de la Route n’a pas manqué de célébrer les mystères de la passion et de la résurrection de notre Seigneur Jésus Christ.

Au Jeudi Saint, le noviciat s’est joint aux chrétiens de la paroisse cathédrale dans la messe du soir, messe de l’institution du Sacerdoce et de l’Eucharistie. C’est Son excellence Monseigneur BIMENYIMANA J. Damascène, entouré d’une vingtaine de prêtres qui a présidé à cette messe.

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