Marathon MeetingIn the framework to end the AIDS pandemic, the International Conference on AIDS and STIs in Africa (ICASA) is organizing the biggest Conference on AIDS in Africa. This great event will take place at the Kigali Convention Centre in Rwanda, from 2nd -7th December, 2019.

The conference is engaging the whole continent and all stakeholders in the Post-SDG framework around the theme “AIDS Free Africa- Innovation, Community, and Political Leadership”

The 20th ICASA is viewed as an opportunity to call the global community to the pledge and vision to end up AIDS in Africa. About 7,000-10,000 worlds’ leading scientists, policy makers, activists, Government leaders and numbers of heads of states and civil society representatives will participate.

This conference is expected to promote inter-sectorial achievements in the AIDS response and to strengthen the partnership among governments, civil society, and development partners.

ICASA Conference theme is built around five specific objectives which are to:
• Promote community, scientific, and technological innovations for ending AIDS.
• Advocate for financing sustainable national health responses, political leadership, and accountability.
• Advocate for strengthened health systems and multi sectorial collaboration to integrate co-morbidities, emerging infections and NCDs.
• Rethink gender norms, human rights-based approaches and inclusion towards equitable and accessible HIV and AIDS services including Key populations.
• Promote youth-driven and youth-friendly approaches for an AIDS-free generation
More information can be read on this link:


Mathieu NSENGIYAREMYE,Communication Officer, JUC

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