Rwanda-Burundi Region brings together Jesuits of both countries Rwanda and Burundi. As of 2017, the region count about 85 members and the number keeps increasing annually. Rwanda-Burundi Region is an administrative entity of “The Society of Jesus”, the official name for Jesuits across the world, present in about 36 countries in Africa. The head of the Jesuits in the world, called the Superior General is Very Reverend Father Arturo Sosa and stays in Rome. The Superior of the Rwanda-Burundi Region stays at Kimironko, in Kigali; the current Regional Superior, as he is called, is Rev. Fr. Jean Baptiste Ganza, SJ.
The presence of Jesuits in Rwanda and Burundi has come of age. Jesuits have been in Burundi since 1952 in “College Interracial d’Usumbura”, which changed the name and now is called “Lycee du Saint Esprit”. In 1952, a Rwandan Father Chrysologue Mahame SJ entered the Jesuit Novitiate in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), a Burundian Father Barakana, SJ joined in 1953. Each one of them is considered the founder of the Society of Jesus in their respective countries.


 The first Jesuit Mission in Rwanda was the novitiate – the first stage of Jesuit formation – which opened in 1966. Before that time, Rwandan and Burundian candidates went to DRC for novitiate.
Rwanda-Burundi region was erected on 25 March 1999. The two countries were part of a bigger entity called Central Africa Province, which combined three countries: Rwanda, Burundi and DRC.
Jesuits around the world engage in the mission of Service of Faith and Promotion of Justice in accordance with the Gospel. That is materialized through various ministries and services that are not defined once and for all.
In Rwanda-Burundi Region that mission is mainly accomplished through Spiritual Centres, works of formation and education, and involvement in social justice activities.
In Burundi, Jesuits run a Spiritual Centre, a High school, a Primary School, and a Centre for healthcare promotion and fight against HIV/AIDS, called Service Yezu Mwiza.
In Rwanda, Jesuits run two Spiritual Centres, a school complex (Primary and secondary), a Novitiate, and a social centre called Urumuri Social Centre.

The Society of Jesus is a male organization dedicated to the service to the Church and Humanity. For anyone interested to join can start initial contacts via the rubric Vocation.

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